Each year around 2.1m people suffer some form of domestic abuse

More than 100,000 people in the UK are at high and imminent risk of being murdered or seriously injured as a result of domestic abuse

130,000 children live in homes where there is high-risk domestic abuse.

62% of children living with domestic abuse are directly harmed by the perpetrator of the abuse, in addition to the harm caused by witnessing the abuse of others.

On average high-risk victims live with domestic abuse for 2.6 years before getting help.

85% of victims sought help five times on average from professionals in the year before they got effective help to stop the abuse.

Some people are at risk of domestic violence sometimes without even realising it. Sometimes people are too scared to seek help to get away from their violent partner.   Both men and women are victims of domestic abuse on a daily basis.   The abuse can be anything from physical, emotional, financial and sexual.

According to the Office for National Statistics, two women are killed by their current or former partners every week in England and Wales.   One in four women and one in six men will experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetime.

If you feel you may be at risk or are a victim there are many professionals that could assist.   This includes help to protect any children.   Here at Ringrose Law we could also assist.

Victims of domestic abuse may also be entitled to legal aid to assist with any legal enquiries with the correct evidence to bring them into scope.   An assessment would be undertaken.

How can we help?

Our family department can advise and if necessary consider applications to the Court for a protective injunctions to assist in your safety.   This can be done on an emergency basis if the risk is high enough.   Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the family department today if you wish to discuss further. We have offices in Boston, Lincoln, Spalding, Sleaford, Grantham and Newark.

How can we help?

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