It can’t be denied that social media plays a large part in most people’s lives today. Social media is a normal part of most people’s modern day life.

However, saying that it is hardly surprising that issues relating to social media arise in family cases.  An increasing number of divorce petitions based on one parties’ unreasonable behaviour now refer to social media and the impact of social media does not stop there.  For many, social media offers a way to help them cope with marital breakdown through posts of support by online friends and other followers.  However it is used it can prove to be a useful source of evidence in many cases and those using online profiles should be wary of the potential pitfalls.

Both parties in divorce and dissolution proceedings have a duty of full and frank disclosure.  An online profile personality could however tell a different story to the one that is being told to the Court.  Even if the posts on social media are deleted soon after posted the damage could already have been done.  Taking a screenshot takes seconds and you cannot be sure who will have seen the post before it is deleted.  You may have blocked your ex-partner from viewing your online profiles, but you can never be sure who are your mutual friends and family and who may be reporting back to him or her.

Social media does not just present a myriad of evidential problems and opportunities, posts from one parties’ new life could also derail negotiations and extend the process.  An ex-partner, hurt at the public announcement of a new partner, may unknowingly channel that hurt in to obstructing settlement discussions.  Keeping your online presence friendly and uncontroversial in the eye of your ex-partner will always help.

As the saying goes do not air your dirty laundry in public!


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