One in four British women will experience abuse at the hands of a partner at some point during their life time.

The same proportion will be sexually assaulted – normally be someone they know.

These shocking statistics were recently released by human rights charity Amnesty International, which is blaming a “culture of tolerance” for the epidemic of domestic violence.

It is also calling on the Police and Government to drastically improve the way such crimes are investigated and punished.

Amnesty International report that in the UK violence against women in the family is at crisis point stating “behind closed doors and in secret women are subjected to violence by their partners and close relatives and are too ashamed and afraid to report it and are seldom taken seriously when they do”.

New figures reveal the extent to which domestic violence is tolerated in Britain. It has been reported that one in three adults believes hitting a woman is “okay” under certain circumstances.

Less than three out of 10 domestic violence incidents reported to police result in conviction and only one in four are recorded.

Amnesty International believe that domestic violence is not treated seriously enough.

The Home Office say they are working closely with other government departments to “prevent domestic violence happening or recurring, to protect and support its victims and to bring offenders to justice”.   They propose to strengthen police powers through new initiatives.

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At Ringrose Law we have a specialised team working to assist victims of domestic abuse. Legal Aid is also available, subject to eligibility.   For advice on any aspects of Family Law contact our Family Law team at our offices in Lincoln, Boston, Spalding, Sleaford, Grantham and Newark.

How can we help?

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