The A & E Department at Grantham and District Hospital, is trialling a reduced, day time only operating period for the next 3 months.

The trial which began in mid August means that the A & E Department at Grantham will only operate between 09.00- 18.30 daily.

United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust (ULHT) says it does not have enough doctors to staff the department safely and also maintain services in Lincoln (Lincoln County Hospital) and Boston (Pilgrim Hospital). The Trust has said that the temporary closure at Grantham means it can maintain safe staffing levels at its two other A&E departments, both of which take on average, a higher number of patients than Grantham.

However, some protestors have stated that the decision to reduce the opening hours of the A & E Department will put lives at risk.

Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, has said that although he “reluctantly” accepts the decision, he remained concerned about the timings of the overnight closure.

He said: “I do not think it’s right to have no medical access to anybody at all at Grantham at say 19:00.   The 120,000 population needs something better than a locked door and being told to call 111.”

An online petition has been launched to challenge and reverse the night time closures. The petition states that

“Grantham Hospital had a fully operational A&E Unit, a consultant led midwifery unit and Paediatric Ward. Under United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust ULHT, services have been eroded. Paediatric overnight stays were stopped, our Maternity Unit was closed and now the new ULHT management team plan to cement the undermining of vital A&E services for good.”

“Research shows for every 1 km travelled there is an increased risk of patient mortality. Grantham is at least 38km (23 miles) from next nearest A&E unit. People with respiratory and allergy problems are at particular risk of delay.”

The Trust has advised that the evening closure is operating on a temporary basis before a more permanent decision is taken.

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