Distracted driving results in significant injuries and fatalities

From reading the news it is becoming more and more common that road traffic accidents are arising out of drivers being distracted by their mobile phones, whether it be taking ‘selfies’, updating social media, texting or making a call.  It has been reported today (BBC News 31/10/2016) that a lorry driver who hit and killed a mother and three children while using his mobile phone has been jailed for 10 years.

It has been found at Reading Crown Court that the lorry driver was distracted on his mobile phone whilst at the wheel, scrolling through his music selecting a song.  The Judge described his attention at the time of the accident as so poor “he might as well have had his eyes closed”.  A camera on board the lorry captured the driver’s reaction when he realised that a crash was impending but unfortunately it was too late to take any evasive action.

The lorry ploughed into stationary traffic at an estimated 50mph causing a multi vehicle pile-up.  The lorry driver hit one car which flipped onto its back and down an embankment which resulted in the driver sustaining a broken back.  The car that the mother and three children were travelling in was pushed under a lorry and compressed.  It was described at Court that it was a third of its size. Unfortunately they did not survive, it was reported that they all died at the scene.

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