Appeal to be Heard This Week

The Court of Appeal will, this week, hear an appeal from a London couple – Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan – against a judgment dismissing their application for judicial review of the Government’s ban on different-sex civil partnerships.

Earlier this year the high court ruled against a legal challenge by the couple to the Civil Partnership Act 2004 and on Wednesday their appeal against that ruling will be heard in the high court, with judgment expected to be reserved.

The couple are appealing following huge public support and an online petition which has received 70,000 signatures in support of civil partnerships being open to all, regardless of sexual orientation.

The couple have been living together for the past six years and this week they will arguing that they face discrimination under the present law, which gives gay couples the option of marriage or a civil partnership but denies the latter to heterosexual couples.

The couple have confirmed that they are prepared to take their case to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

The Observer newspaper have reported Keidan as saying “A civil partnership would reflect who we are. “It’s a modern social contract that doesn’t have the associations of marriage but would give the protection that we and other cohabiting couples crave.”

There are almost three million opposite sex couples living together in the UK, and almost four in ten have dependent children.  Although many people believe that people in “common law marriages” have rights over children and property protection, there is no such provision in law.

The only place in the British Isles where civil partnerships are available to different sex couples is the Isle of Man.  After homosexuality was decriminalised on the island in the 1990s, a new law came into force earlier this year permitting marriage and civil partnerships to all couples.  These changes catapult the Isle of Man to the forefront of legal equality for straight and gay couples.

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