As the temperature continues to fall there is no denying that the blustery winter months are approaching in full force.

The Met Office advises that drivers prepare their vehicle appropriately and consider keeping a “winter kit” in the boot.

Some items for the “winter kit” include:

  • De-icer
  • Ice scraper
  • Jump leads
  • Torch
  • Blanket

You never know when you might need these items!

It is also important to check your vehicle is prepared for winter. Don’t forget to:

  • Check windscreen wipers, washers, and demisters are all working correctly
  • Ensure all lights are working correctly
  • Check the condition and tread depth of your tyres
  • Top up the anti-freeze in your car
  • Use good quality screen wash that protects down to -35degrees to prevent water freezing.

With days getting shorter, driving in the dark, in rainy conditions, or on ice slicked roads, can be very dangerous.   Dark, early mornings can be filled with thick fog which can make driving a real challenge.

There have been numerous road traffic accidents on Lincolnshire’s roads involving cars, vans, motorcyclists and pedestrians.   The consequences of a road traffic accident can be life changing.

If you have been in a road traffic accident you will know how distressing they can be and how far reaching the effects can be for everyone involved, not just physically, but also financially and even emotionally.

At Ringrose Law we have a dedicated Personal Injury team, who have many years’ experience in handling claims for people who have been injured in car accidents that were not their fault.

We work to high standards for our clients to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve for the injuries and losses they have suffered.   We help our clients claim back any financial losses they suffered because of the accident, and for many of our clients we also arrange rehabilitation or further treatment; including physiotherapy to assist them on their road to recovery.

You can contact us at one of our offices across Lincolnshire in Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Grantham and Spalding and our office in Newark

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