Whilst most families are enjoying the festive period, opening presents, eating too much, watching TV and generally having a good time, for some women and children it is a time of fear.

The pressure of family and money worries, combined with the free-flowing alcohol place extra strain on relationships at this time.

Families are forced to spend more time together in a confined space, and what should be a time of excitement becomes a time of terror and trepidation for victims of abuse.

The expectation to provide and experience a ‘perfect Christmas’ can bring added pressure, and sometimes it is only the slightest deviation from this perceived ideal which can start the escalation of abuse.

Women particularly feel that they need to ‘hold it together’ in front of the children or other family members and so they wait to call for help.

Across the country, refuges and Police forces are preparing themselves for the inevitable rise in calls and cases throughout December and early January, as these calls double compared to the rest of the year.

We can apply to the Court on your behalf for an injunction against your partner.   An Injunction is an Order which can be used to keep you safe.   If necessary we can also provide immediate protection for your children.

The Injunction can place restrictions on your partner’s behaviour and prevent further violence or threats of violence.

There are two different types of Injunction we can apply for –

  • Non-molestation Order
  • Occupation Order


If you are the victim of Domestic Abuse don’t wait until it’s too late, do not hesitate in contacting us at Ringrose Law as soon as you can where one of our specialist team will advise you.   We have offices in Boston, Lincoln, Spalding, Sleaford, Grantham and Newark.

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