Ex Husbands who don’t pay up after divorce could face losing their Driving Licence or Passport.

Divorcing parties who try to wriggle out of paying off their ex-spouse could face a driving ban.  Law reformers yesterday called for fresh sanctions against those who avoid paying divorce settlements ordered by the Courts.

Amongst the penalties recommended is a 12 month driving ban and the confiscation of passports the Law commission said.

Husbands and wives complain that “Family Financial Orders” imposed in a divorce are frequently ignored and those who fail to pay can easily be punished.

At present the only penalty a spouse can ask for if their estranged spouse fails to pay up is a prison sentence, but Judges need a criminal standard proof before they will send an un co-operative divorcee to jail, so the punishment is rarely enforced.

The Commission recommendations mean a spouse who has not paid could be disqualified from driving for a year.   The Court to return their Licence if they handed over the money.

It is also recommended that Judges should have powers to confiscate passports.  Only UK passports will be taken the report said and they should be given back when the spouse pays up.

It will be up to spouses who are not being paid to apply to the Court for a travel ban to be enforced.

The recommendations are now being sent to Justice Secretary Liz Trust who will decide whether they should form the basis of new legislation.  The measures suggested clearly send an important message as to the impact on people’s lives.

It is all the more important to instruct the right Solicitors who ensure you have the right Order to ensure that this does not happen to you moving forward.

Here at Ringrose Law we have a number of specialist Solicitors who deal with finances who can be contacted at any of our offices at Boston, Lincoln, Newark, Sleaford, Spalding and Grantham.

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