East Ayrshire Council are currently considering the proposal for an Industrial Puppy Farm. Although it has been met with fierce objection by locals. The farming of puppies in a factory-like setting is not something that many people feel comfortable with.

Industrial Puppy Farm

It is proposed that the Ayrshire facility will house 40 dogs in a disused stable block where puppies will be churned out for cash. However, it is quite clear from the numbers of puppies/dogs in rescue centres that the market is already flooded by more dogs than can be found homes.

The proposed site will be on a farm near Galston and the application has been made by Hazel Hamilton. Hazel Hamilton is married to a businessman who has links with the largest licensed dog breeding establishment in the UK.

Hazel Hamilton’s husband, Stephen, is the brother of David and Jonathan Hamilton who run the UK Dog Breeding Academy, in Fivemiletown, County Tyrone. The Fivemiletown facility has featured in a hard-hitting BBC documentary about puppy farming.

In the programme, footage from inside the rural kennels showed dozens of young dogs huddled together in disused trailers without their mothers. The reporter claimed that she found hundreds of breeding bitches in battery-farmed and “freezing” conditions at the Irish premises.

At the time, Sheila Voas, chief veterinary surgeon with the Scottish Government, is understood to have said that the footage was “barbaric. It was a production line. It was using animals as a commodity.”

A veterinary expert was also reported as saying: “It was like a production facility that you would expect to find in a bad pig-raising plant. Every animal on the premises was given an antibiotic injection every week, then we’d change the antibiotic every month because we could not control the infections.”

The Hamiltons links with the Fivemiletown establishment is, therefore, unlikely to stem objections to the proposals being made to East Ayrshire Council on animal welfare grounds. Given this family have already been implicated with regards to welfare issues and the welfare of hundreds of more dogs is now at stake.

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