The Hunting Act

Opposition to fox hunting remains at an all-time high. However, the Tories pledged in their 2015 manifesto to repeal the Hunting Act and Theresa May is reportedly still going ahead with a vote in parliament on the subject.

However, it has now been reported that on Saturday 14 January a hunt and its dogs rode onto Gunwalloe Beach in Cornwall and whilst the riders took their horses for a ride into the water their pack of dogs were left to attack a pet dog and its owners.

Unprovoked attack by Hunting Hounds

The attack was unprovoked and the pack of around 30 hounds, on a National Trust left the pet dog and its elderly owners with injuries.

Given that the dogs had no fox to chase and kill, the dogs, being hunting dogs, chose to chase a small pet dog instead.

Rider Beats Dogs with Riding Crops

It is understood that one of the riders jumped off his horse to try to stop the hounds from chasing the terrified pet dog but the hounds simply ran past, ignoring him. The pet dog was eventually picked up by its owner, however, the hounds then turned on the owner and were trying to get at the dog whilst in its owners arms. One of the riders then took to beating the hounds with his riding crop to encourage the hunting dogs to back off.

Injuries to Pet Dog and Owners

The hounds managed to bite the pet dog twice on the back and the elderly owner several times on the hand.

Eyewitnesses Fear Repercussions from the Hunt

The couple did not want to report the incident as they, apparently, did not want any fuss. However, eyewitness, took the view that other people and their pet animals (and children) needed protecting from similar incidents. Indeed, some eye witnesses were reluctant to come forward for fear of repercussions from the members of the hunt.

National Trust Allows Hunts onto their Sites

Gunwalloe Beach is a National Trust site so this incident begs the question of whether hunts should be allowed on National Trust public beaches where there are other people and children around. The above is surely argument enough against it.

Hunting is Barbaric

Shocking incidents like this will, no doubt, add further fuel to the argument that fox hunting should remain severely restricted. Just this incident alone saw injuries caused to a pet dog and its owners by the actions of a hunt, riders of the hunt beating dogs with riding crops and then witnesses fearing repercussions from hunt members in the event that they reported the incident. It does not take much intelligence to comprehend how blatantly outdated and barbaric hunting is.

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