How can a Judge make a Husband hand over £2.7 million to his ex-wife, 15 years after their divorce?

Glen Briers had a £10,000,000 fashion empire.  He had already given his ex-wife Nicola a £600,000 home and £10,000 a year salary.  The Father of 3 divorced in 2005 and said they were amicable until recently.

For 12 years after the original divorce  he believed their agreement was binding but now  backed by 3 Appeal Court Judges  Mr. Briers’ 58 year old ex-wife has been awarded an eye watering share of his riches that went  beyond the needs of retirement of a retired Teacher with no dependants, a Pension and a Mortgage free barn conversion.

Mr. Briers has had to take capital out of the business to pay her.

Shortly before Christmas 2012, he just started a new relationship and Mrs. Briers became angry about this and him seeing someone else.

Basically, the ruling recognised that despite the first pay out and 12 years passing a full and frank settlement of the couple’s financial affairs had never been concluded and that Mrs. Briers had not given her informed consent to the settlement at the time it was conducted between the parties.

The moral is when you get divorced, make sure any Agreement is signed, sealed and delivered as if you don’t someone can come back at you. 

If you wish the protection the Courts can provide, that Mr, Briers didn’t take advantage of, come and see one of our experts at any of our offices at Boston, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding, Newark and Grantham.


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