Following the success of last year’s #NOMORE and Ask for Angela campaigns, organisations in Lincolnshire are using shock new images to help change the culture around consent and sexual violence.

Figures show that there was a 55% increase in reported sexual assaults (including rape) in the county between 2012 and 2014.  Organisations are coming together to encourage reporting and promote support services available to people.

The new county campaign as part of national Sexual Violence and Abuse Awareness Week is called ‘Not asking for it’ and features a man and woman in different outfits, but also naked, with the statement. It’s designed to raise awareness about sexual consent, including quashing misconceptions that someone can’t be raped by their partner, and that what someone is wearing is a reason for sexual assault.

“In at least 53% of sexual violence and assault offences, the perpetrator was known to the victim, especially in relation to rape. People often have a perception that sexual violence is an attack from a stranger, but the reality is that just as many assaults take place in homes and in relationships.

“It’s important that we dispel myths like this around sexual violence. What someone wears does not mean they’re ‘asking for it’ – if that’s a short skirt on a night out, tight clothing in the gym, or even no clothing at all.”

If you have been a victim please call our 24 hour help line or call into one of our offices throughout Lincolnshire and Newark.


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