GP Practice Inspection Report

Westside Surgery in Boston, Lincolnshire has been placed in special measures following inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

A report of an announced inspection of Westside Surgery published 16 February 2017 found the practice to be unsafe, ineffective, poorly led and requiring improvement to respond to people’s needs.

Patients were found to be at risk of harm from the following in particular:

  • The processes in place to review patients prescribed high risk medicines were inconsistent.
  • Prescription pads were not adequately monitored.
  • Reviews linked to patient safety alerts and high risk medicines were not completed.
  • Not all clinical mail was reviewed by a clinician to ensure appropriate amendment to patient care and treatment
  • Not all polices and procedures were adhered to.
  • Changes to medications requested by other services were not checked to ensure they were safe to be prescribed with existing medications.

Improvements must be made before re-inspection within 6 months or the practice will face restrictions on its services or even closure.

What is the CQC?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They are responsible for monitoring, inspecting and regulating health and social care services.

They inspect all of the 8489 doctors and GPs providing NHS services in England to ensure that they are safe to do so.

The Impact on Our Community

The damning report comes at a difficult time for medical services in the Lincolnshire community, which have already suffered cuts and restrictions.

The map of GP services published by the CQC shows the already sparse coverage.

Whilst patients must be protected from unsafe practices any further loss of services will only escalate existing difficulties in accessing medical help.

How Ringrose Law Can Help You

If you have any concerns about your GP or other medical treatment Ringrose Law’s medical negligent lawyers can speak to you in confidence and without obligation to help you to decide the best course of action:

  • To discuss your concerns with your GP
  • To escalate your concerns through a formal complaint
  • To move GP practice

If you have been provided with negligent medical treatment that has caused you to suffer an injury, delay in recovery, or made an existing injury worse, we can help you to make a claim for compensation. Contact Richard or the team on 01522 561020.



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