In the United States, Animal abuse is being taken far more seriously than ever before and in more and more jurisdictions.  As a result, laws are changing to reflect this new reality.

Sadly, the UK’s lawmakers do not take animal abuse so seriously and as a result pathetic sentences are regularly handed down to animal abusers leaving animal lovers at a loss as to why depraved individuals are able to get away with their crimes pretty much unscathed.

In the United States more and more jurisdictions are passing laws that require the names of Animal Abusers to be displayed in a Register that is similar to the Sex Offenders Register.

Such Registers are designed to keep people who have harmed animals in the past from ever having the chance to do so again and they are a welcome addition to the lawmaking policies of places as disparate as New York City and Tampa.

As a result of these Registers, Retail Outlets and Shelters no longer have any excuses for mistakes when placing animals as it should be clear if a potential rehomer has a history of abuse.  The prospective adopter must now, for example, read and sign an Affidavit that provides an assurance that they are not on the Register.  Furthermore, a search of the Register will provide the information the Shelter (or Retail Outlet) needs in any event.

The Register is also invaluable for US citizens searching for a Pet Sitter as the Registers make vetting potential candidates that much easier.

Although the Registers are not yet a requirement in all States, they are slowly popping up throughout the country in places like New York City (although theirs is not able to be viewed by the general public), Tennessee (whose Register is statewide) and Cook County, Illinois.

As most Pet Owners view their pets as members of their family this is, clearly, welcome news.

Hopefully, as a result of the Registers, potential animal abusers will be deterred from abusing animals in the knowledge that if they get caught their name will end up on a public Register for all to view.  In the event that it does not deter such people, at least once caught the abuser is unlikely to find it as easy to repeat their vile behavior as the Register will undoubtedly be utilised by both law enforcement and animal lovers in general.

All we need now is for the UK to catch up and show that we are serious about stopping the more vile member of society inflicting pain and suffering on vulnerable animals – albeit as Teresa May supports the ripping apart of a lone fox by a pack of hounds, supported by delighted and shrieking humans on horseback, it is highly unlikely that this will occur any time soon.

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