In a recent case an abused victim awarded £175,000 in compensation was ordered to give his ex-wife £100,000.

Mr K (47) was awarded £175,000 by the Government but regarded the cash as “dirty money” and put it into a Trust, to be given to a Charity when he died.

However, as part of her divorce settlement, his ex-wife applied to the Court to demand a share of the funds claiming it was a marital asset.

After a hearing held in private, the Judge ruled in the wife’s favour. Mr K was given until the next day to pay a lump sum of £100,000 or risk going to jail for contempt of court.

Mr K said that the money was paid to him for what happened long before he met his wife. He couldn’t understand how the Courts could award his compensation to his ex-wife. This was even when his abuser was jailed for 3 years.

By the time of the hearing, the Trust Fund which was to be used to help other victims of predators, was £200,000 and the Judge ordered the money to be split equally between the pair.

The ex-wife argued she needed the money to buy a property for herself and the 2 youngest children even though she was living with a new partner.

Mr K has been given leave to Appeal the result and a hearing will be held later this year.


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