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Crackdown on Acid Attacks – Sentences To Become Harsher

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It has been reported that people who carry out acid attacks could now be facing a maximum of life imprisonment.

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These harsher sentencing guidelines have arisen from the rise in acid attacks across the country, especially in London. With the media focusing on these types of attacks, the Crown Prosecution Service have now said that even being in possession of acid should be treated in the same way as an offence of Possession of an Offensive Weapon which carries a maximum sentence, in the Crown Court, of 4 years imprisonment.

The Crown Prosecution Service have also stated that if someone is convicted of carrying out an acid attack they should face up to a maximum of life imprisonment, even if they fail to seriously harm the intended victim. Offenders could be convicted of “throwing acid or a similar substance with intent to maim, disfigure or disable a person”. You should note that this can also include possession of a corrosive substance such as CS Gas (tear gas) or using a similar substance in an attack or attempted attack.

The London Evening Standard have reported:

“Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, said “she was updating her guidance to prosecutors to ensure that the courts had the “widest possible sentencing power” to deal with acid offenders.”

You can view the report made by the London Evening Standard here:- 

Being an imprisonable offence means that there is the chance of being eligible for Legal Aid. This means that any representation at the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court could be at no cost to the Defendant as all costs incurred will be met from public funds. (This does depend on the Defendant’s income and financial circumstances). You may need to pay a contribution towards Legal Aid in the Crown Court.


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