Ringrose Law is proud to support Headway UK for 2018, gaining corporate membership of the charity to formally support the work that Headway do.

Headway is a charity that aims to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury. In doing this it provides information, support, and services to survivors of brain injury, their families, and carers.

In particular, Headway Lincolnshire works locally with families and brain injury survivors providing the best support and care available to them and helping people re-build their lives.

Working together with Headway

The Ringrose Law Personal Injury team has supported Headway for many years and has an expert team of leading professionals who deal with Head and Brain Injury cases.

In addition, John Knight Head of the Personal Injury Team at Ringrose Law, has recently become a Trustee for the Headway Lincolnshire Board.

John comments; “Brain injuries can have a very serious impact on a survivor’s life. We see the harsh reality of this whilst representing clients with brain injuries and so aligned ourselves with Headway to build the best support network we can for those who have had a serious head or brain injury.

Corporate membership of Headway allows us to stay up to date with the latest information from those closest to brain injury victims.

When a client brings a claim for a Head of Brain Injury, our specialists must take into account how the accident has affected every aspect of their life, including their career, relationships and the lives of those around them to ensure their financial security for their future.”

In addition to securing compensation to the victim, Ringrose Law are also committed to improving the lives of those affected. The team has extensive experience working alongside brain injury case managers and other professionals responsible for protecting the client’s best interests throughout their rehabilitation.

We have established strong working relationships with these professionals to ensure cases involving a serious injury can move forward in the most efficient way possible to support our client’s recovery.”

To find out more about the Personal Injury team at Ringrose Law and how they could help you go to www.ringroselaw.co.uk

For further information on Headway Lincolnshire go to http://headwaylincolnshire.org.uk/

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