The Government is reviewing the Mental Health Act to consider how it can be improved, especially for those suffering a mental health crisis.

The review is keen to hear from those who been sectioned under the Act & their carers.

It is vital that the people the Mental Health Act impacts upon have their say to ensure it is fit for purpose. The review is being carried out independently and can be accessed through the Government website.

To have your say visit

Mental Health is an issue that impacts on many of our lives, whether it is directly or through loved ones or even colleagues. The right support goes a long way to assisting people suffering with their mental health.

Here at Ringrose Law we have a specialised Mental Health Team who are able to assist patients who are detained under the mental health cat or are in the community under a community treatment order. Whether you are seeking a discharge from your section, support in obtaining leave or other assistance with regards to your section do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are detailed under the mental health act and are eligible we can assist you to appeal against your section by way of a Mental Health Tribunal. We have specially trained staff who hold a mental health panel membership which enables us to represent you at these hearings. There is legal aid available for this advice and assistance.

Being detained in hospital can be a very stressful time, we will do our best to provide you will advise and assistance where possible and talk you through the legal processes.

We also support clients at CPAs and managers panels.

If you or a relative require any assistance with these matters please contact our mental health team on 01522 561020.


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