Social Media: Can and should we control it?

Post by: Laura Hamilton 01/05/2018 0 comments 545 views

There are many benefits that can be obtained from allowing employees to utilise social media platforms.

If this is done correctly, social media can be an effective tool to improve relationships with other businesses and promote events which you may be holding.

As there are currently (as at 2017) 84% of all UK adults using social media, such platforms can be a quick and easy way to provide many individuals with information. However, this can also be one of its downfalls. If a person has 800 ‘followers’ then this means 800 people can access information they post or share from another person. Again, this can be very helpful but could cause problems if not used correctly.

There are 7 quick and easy tips to follow to ensure a business and its employees understand how and why to use social media:

  1. Decide which social media platforms work best for you as there many and not all apply to every type of business?

  2. Do not implement a blanket ban on usage of social media as this could generate resentment;

  3. Draft a policy which includes guidance on how best to operate;

  4. Perform training exercises to allow employees to all understand what is expected of them;

  5. Monitor effectively, the use of social media by employees;

  6. Enforce your social media policy if employees abuse it;

  7. Encourage employees to engage in the good use of social media

The most important part of encouraging the use of social media in a business is to ensure an adequate social media policy has been drafted to allow employees to understand what is and is not expected of them during their use.

If you require help to draft a ‘Social Media Policy’ please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team on 01522 561020.


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