Domestic abuse and Domestic Violence are long standing issues within our society which not only affects women but also affects men.

While it is true that the legal remedies and scope of the above have widened over the years, there still remains gaps in the legislation which need to be filled.

Some movement towards improving the situation following The Home Affairs Committee with recommendations to the Government to widen the forthcoming bill on Domestic Abuse.

These include:

  1. The need for national funding for refuges;
  2. Stalker’s Register
  3. End to single Universal Credit Payments

The current system a lack of refuge and advice support for victims, weakness in the Police and court response and it is my personal experience that the Police when they can act fail to do so and the victims are left to fall back on the family/civil law system to obtain remedies.  However there are continued difficulties in obtaining legal aid even for deserving cases.

The new Commissioner should cover both Domestic Abuse and Violence against Women and Girls but it should cover all victims of domestic abuse/violence to include men. It should reflect the gender inequality underlying domestic abuse.

Also there should be introduce ed paid domestic violence leave for victims of abuse.

There should be places for victims to go to. There should be more focus of children who experience domestic abuse and a strategy must be developed to ensure adequate protection and support including protected status on waiting lists for NHS services, including mental health services and legal obligations on local authorities to provide a new school places when requested by a family housed in a refuge.

It is to be hoped that these recommendations will enshrined in new legislation.

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