The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) reported yesterday (28 February 2019)  that victims of violent crime who have been denied compensation by an out of touch rule should be able to bring claims under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICS) if a new law placed before Parliament goes through successfully.  The new law will allow certain previous applicants to have their claim looked at again and will allow new claims.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is a scheme whereby those who are victims of a crime can obtain some compensation where they might not have been able to do so otherwise. Under the scheme however, if the violent crime took place before 1979, compensation could be refused if they were living with their attacker at the time of the crime.  As many people had no choice about where they lived and it was impossible for them to move out, this meant they could have been unfairly denied compensation.

The new law will remove this rule and potentially open up late claims for compensation for those previously denied it, provided they also meet other more general criteria under the scheme itself as well.

APIL welcomes the announcement that the Government has laid a statutory instrument before Parliament that will remove the “same roof” rule completely. Those who may not have come forward because of the rule, or were previously denied awards under it, may be eligible to claim compensation, provided they meet the scheme’s other criteria.

The government is currently reviewing the scheme as a whole and a consultation is due this year. This could have the effect of changing the eligibility rules, defining “violent crime” more clearly and looking at what type of injuries are or should be covered.

Ringrose Law have significant expertise in dealing with Criminal Injury Compensation claims. If this change in the rule affects you or someone you know, contact us for free initial advice. You can contact a member of the team on 01522 561020 or contact your local Ringrose Law Office.



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