Farmers are being told they must pay closer attention to health and safety after the HSE raised concerns over recent livestock handling incidents (

Each year a number of people are killed or injured in incidents involving cattle and most of these incidents can be prevented.

All employers have a duty to protect themselves, their workers and members of the public from the risks of injury.

HSE’s Head of Agriculture, Andrew Turner said:

“The campaign focus is timely as last year eight people died on farms in cattle related incidents, nearly one quarter of the total deaths on British farms” .

Last year 33 people were killed in agriculture across Britain and those working in the industry need to realise that death, injuries and cases of ill-health are not an inevitable part of farming and can be prevented.

This warning seems to coincide with a safety campaign recently launched by the The NFU and the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) have committed to work towards reducing farm work place fatal accidents by 50% by 2023. (

It can be worrying to bring a claim against your employer, especially in the farming community, however an employer must provide safe premises, a safe place to work, safe plant, material and equipment and a safe system of working.


If you are in an accident at work, it may not be at the fault of your employer, however if it could have been avoided then you may have a claim for personal injury. A successful claim can help you recover lost wages as a result of time off and even provide you with private medical treatment.

If you have suffered an injury at work and you believe you sustained that injury due to lack of training of other employees, lack of equipment or faulty work equipment, or you feel the planning of the work was not adequate then contact our team today at Ringrose Law where we can advise you if you have a claim.

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