Lincolnshire is the second biggest county in England and a large part of it is taken up with agriculture and horticulture.

It borders 7 other counties including  Northamptonshire in the south for just 20 yards  (England’s shortest county boundary). Ringrose Law has offices in some of the most rural areas, including Boston and Spalding, where a great deal of farming takes place.

However, farms can be dangerous places if not used safely and the Farm Safety Partnership has introduced a year long Farm Safety Campaign for 2019. Each season will focus on a different aspect of safety on farms and for Spring, until the end of June, the focus is on handling livestock safely.

  1. The Partnership has four stated aims, which are, briefly:To promote the building, use and maintenance of well-designed livestock handling facilities
  2. Encourage caution around animals whether enclosed or in the open and always to ensure there is an “escape route” in case of difficulty
  3. To remove aggressive animals from a herd or group (which may then need to be managed differently)
  4. To separate livestock from the public wherever possible.

Stuart Roberts, who is the Vice-President of the National Farmers Union and the Farm Safety Partnership says in an interview by Simon King for “Over The Counter, animal health advisers and retailers :

“The Partnership is working towards halving the number of farm fatalities by 2023. We need farmers to start taking action and making real changes”

He continued:

“A lot of it is common sense…If we can take a second to identify where the risks are, we can actually take those risks away”

We would add that even if the risks cannot be removed completely, there are usually ways they can be minimised and ways to warn employees, farm visitors and the public generally outside the farm itself of those risks so they can take steps to avoid them and thus harming themselves.

In recognising that any animal can be unpredictable, National Farmers Union Livestock Board Chairman says:

“ Be vigilant, be aware and stay safe”

We couldn’t agree more.

Watch out for further articles on this subject on our website.

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