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Following on with our blogs about farm safety, which has a special focus this year with the Farm Safety Partnership, comes this very sad story reported on the BBC website.

“A 15-year-old girl has died in an accident on her family’s farm in Somerset. Iris Goldsmith reportedly became trapped when her vehicle, which is said to be similar to a quad bike, overturned. He death is not suspicious”

Quad bikes are used widely on farms and often by children and young adults, as are tractors and the family 4×4’s, which can be used on private land (see our recent piece on the MIB and using uninsured vehicles on private land). They grow up with them and they are a normal part of life for them.

Of course we do not know precisely what caused the accident in these tragic circumstances, but we can say, on a wider general note, is that people using quad bikes can become so used to them that they forget to take safety precautions, such as riding without helmets or racing about, because let’s be honest, it can be great fun and not just for younger people.

Quad Bike Accident

In  April 1998, well known comedian Rik Mayall was injured after crashing a quad bike near his home in Devon. His wife Barbara looked out of the window and saw him lying on the ground trapped beneath the quad, apparently turned over on top of him. Mayall tells the story that his wife believed it was just his silly joking and she initially left him for a few minutes. But he had to be airlifted to Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital,  with two haematomas and a fractured skull. During the following 96 hours, he was kept sedated to prevent movement which could cause pressure on his brain. His family was warned that he could die or have brain damage. He was in a coma for several days. After five days doctors felt it safe to bring Mayall back to consciousness.

Iris was the daughter of Ben Goldsmith, who is the brother of politician Zac Goldsmith. He posted this heart-breaking tweet on Twitter:

“Dear God, please can I have my beautiful, brilliant, kind little girl back, please God. And if not, please take extra special care of her. I love her so so much and I’m so proud of her. It hurts me so much I can’t describe.

— Ben Goldsmith (@BenGoldsmith) July 11, 2019”

No-one wants to stop anyone having fun. But we don’t want you to have to post messages like that either. Quad bikes and similar machines are big, heavy and can be unpredictable. Serious injuries can result from mishandling or just hitting an unexpected bump.

Do take care to consider precautions when using them so as to use them safely and minimise risk and injury. For further information contact Brenda or a member of the Personal Injury team.


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