We are deep into the holiday season and these days pets are so much part of the family that the holiday wouldn’t be right without them.

How many times do we see a delighted looking dog with its head out of the car window, ears and tongue flying in the wind as they drive towards long beach walks, playing in the sea and if your dog is anything like my dogs, rolling in unidentifiable but very smelly objects?

But beware.  Price comparison website MoneySuperMarket, in an article in Claims Media magazine for 4 August 2019,  has warned UK drivers they could be voiding their insurance by leaving pets unrestrained while driving. New research from them reveals that nearly 10 million drivers—leave a pet unrestrained in their car.

This has three potential consequences.

Firstly, it leaves the pet unprotected in the event of a collision, or allows them to escape from the car if there is one.

Secondly, having an unsecured pet in a car could void your insurance policy and depending on the wording of the policy, may do so even if the loose pet is not the cause of an accident.

Thirdly, it breaks the Highway Code, which states that animals need to be ‘suitably restrained’ to ensure they don’t distract the driver. To have a insecure load, as it were, could lead to a criminal prosecution.

So however cute your pet might look enjoying the drive, or how much fun they seem to be having, protect your pet, yourself and your insurance by using a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard when your pet is in the car. Dogs might well be Man’s Best Friend (or indeed anyone’s BFF), but they’re not going to remain so for long if you have an accident and discover you’re uninsured because of him or her.

But who’s fault would that be?

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