New figures recently revealed, show that Domestic Abuse is at its five year high.

173 people were murdered at the hands of a violent partner or ex partner in the last year in the UK.

It has been suggested this is due to the police and CPS not being able to cope with the amount of incidences being reported.

The Domestic Abuse bill was introduced in parliament in July 2019 however unfortunately due to parliament being closed the bills passage has been stalled.

It is reported that Boris Johnson has confirmed the Domestic Abuse legislation will be reintroduced in the next session, however the leader of the UK Woman’s Equality Party has expressed her disappointment that the Domestic Abuse bill from the last session will have to be restarted from scratch due to it not being carried over.

For the legislation to work for victims the Government need to acknowledge the necessary funding for Legal Aid, support services and education.

The founder of the woman’s equality party has said she believes the reduction in government budget is partly to blame for the rise in Domestic Abuse murders.

The home secretary announced Nicole Jacobs new role as Domestic Abuse Commissioner on the 18 September 2019. Ms Jacobs has vast experience in this field as she was former Chief Executive Officer of Standing Together Against Domestic Violence. Ms Jacobs has declared

“It is an honour and a privilege to be appointed as the first Commissioner and I intend to raise the voices of victims and survivors of all ages, status and background and ensure that we shine a light on practice that fails them”.

Ms Jacobs’s role as Domestic Abuse Commissioner will be to make drastic improvements on the way Domestic Abuse allegations are dealt with, supporting the victims and make suggestions and references on how to better protect the victims from further abuse and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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