What is the difference between a Family Solicitor and Family Mediator?

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At Ringrose Family Mediation Service both of our Mediators, Christine Pickwell and Paul Cooper are experienced Family Solicitors with over 30 years’ experience each in family disputes.

To qualify as a Family Mediator Christine and Paul have both undertaken further extensive training in the Mediation process.

An important aspect, aside from the technicalities of facilitating a Mediation is the ability to manage the Mediation so that each party has the opportunity to freely express feelings and emotions and have his/her voice heard.

The Family Mediator will always ensure that both participants (and the Mediator) are working in a safe environment, free of intimidation or threats.

Family Mediation is not counselling or family therapy but if complimentary services are required the Family Mediator can “signpost” the participants to the appropriate organisation, for example Relate.

Christine is accredited by Resolution as a specialist in domestic abuse and financial cases. 

We are the only Mediation Practice in the area with specialist Family Solicitors/Mediators.

A Solicitor will give you legal advice and deal with the process of going to Court.  A Solicitor can manage negotiations, whether about children or money or both.

The Solicitor only represents one party and does not meet the “ex”.  The Solicitor does not represent the children.

As Family Mediators, we work directly with both parties to help discuss problems and reach agreements.  Both parties are our clients.

We are both qualified to consult with children and involve them in the mediation process where appropriate.

As Family Mediators we cannot give individual legal advice. We can provide information and expertise on how any proposed agreement would be viewed by the Court.   We can also provide information on technical issues, for example, Pension Sharing.

Family Mediation is generally quicker and cheaper than going to Court and can provide a safe place for both parties to work out solutions for a way forward.

We have offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Spalding and Newark.

Legal Aid may be available for those who qualify financially.

If you are interested in pursuing Family Mediation please contact the Mediation Administrator, Helen Armstrong on 01205 314670.


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