Women fleeing domestic abuse can now apply for free train travel to refuge accommodation, through Women’s Aid’s new rail to refuge scheme, supported by South Eastern and Great Western Railway.

When a victim of domestic Abuse women or men are often advised to seek refuge services which are confidential and far away from their perpetrator but for many victims raising the cash to pay for a train ticket can be very difficult particularly if they are victims of financial abuse. Access to cash is a major barrier for victims escaping domestic Violence and free train travel will be one less thing for these victims to worry about at a time of acute crisis.

Womens Aid who assist victims of Domestic Abuse are currently working with South Eastern and Great Western Railway to remove the barrier that these victims have and offer free travel for victims seeking refuge services. Member services of Womens Aid will be able to obtain free tickets through bespoke booking services for journeys within the South Eastern and Great Western Railway networks.

The rail to refuge scheme was first introduced in 2019 and has already helped a number of victims to escape Domestic Violence. The initiative was first proposed by one of the train operators after he watched a documentary about Womens Aid.

Women’s Aid is a charity within the United Kingdom who help victims of Domestic Abuse. Its aim is to end Domestic Violence against adults and children. The charity works at both local and national levels to ensure a victims safety form Domestic Violence. Womens Aid runs a freephone 25 hour helpline in partnership with Refuge should a victim require 24 hour assistance.

Alternatively, we have specialised legal advisors at each office within Lincolnshire that could assist you should you require any advice in relation to Domestic Violence. Legal Aid is also available.

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