We at Ringrose Law are able to continue to offer advice and assistance to all who are being subjected to Domestic Abuse. We acknowledge that during this very difficult time that some victims may be suffering in silence and need help.

At Ringrose Law, our domestic abuse team offer a 24-hour helpline service 07739 748675. We can advise and assist victims of their legal rights.

We are able to undertake legal aid assessments over the telephone; this is dealt with on a case by case basis and is subject to the Legal Aid Agency approval.

The Courts are still facilitating hearings by way of telephone hearings and if urgent applications are necessary then these shall be facilitated by the Court.

We shall continue to offer our full range of services during this very difficult period.

For further advice, support and guidance call / text our 24 hour helpline on 07739 748675 or email enquiries@ringroselaw.co.uk

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