As the current climate has thrown us all into a situation which none of us have previously had to deal with, we are all trying to adapt in a way that we can continue to offer our clients the support and advice they need in this difficult time.

The Ministry of Justice have declared that some legal practitioners will be classed as key workers. As the children and domestic abuse department we do fall within this category as we will need to provide urgent advice or attend hearings relating to urgent children matters and domestic abuse issues. New applications can still be made to the Court.

We are aware that domestic abuse will continue and could of course increase due to isolation and victims finding it difficult to flee from the situation.

We want to make victims aware that support services are still available to provide support where possible and in turn we will be available to assist with necessary applications . Issues surrounding children in care proceedings and child protection proceedings are also still active together with contact problems between separated parents.

The Court has declared that as of 23 March, where possible all hearings will be heard remotely via telephone or video link.

If this is not possible directions will be made to limit the amount of attendees and where possible join parties remotely whereby limiting the amount of contact however we can still make applications to the Court and we would urge our clients to contact us if they need our help and assistance.

We are continuing to advise and assist both our current clients and new clients. Although we cannot have face to face meetings at this time we are available over the telephone or by email to take your instructions and continue to assist.

Our Care and Domestic Abuse 24-hour legal helpline is available – call or text 07739 748675 or email

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