Following on from Bekkie’s blog yesterday explaining everyday life as a Criminal Solicitor on Lockdown, we follow Bekkie each day to see how her role has changed amongst COVID-19.

Tuesday 7th April

07:00 The day starts early as I am Court duty today, meaning that I have to be at the Magistrates Court for 9am. No calls overnight so no one outstanding at the Police station. Switch on the news to catch up in general and check on the condition of Boris Johnson, seems that he hasn’t got worse which is great news.  The house is quiet so I decide to go for a quick run on the treadmill whilst there are no interruptions. Quick shower, check work emails and then head out to Lincoln.

08:30 Drive to the Court is eerie, people seem to be only travelling less which can only help us all get back to normal. No traffic at all so park up at Court and head on in.

09:00 Court starts at 10:00 however the Duty Solicitor arrives at 9am to get the papers from the CPS and see anyone that requires assistance. The Court concourse is normally full by 09:30 but there are only solicitors and court staff present. All court hearings are being carried out via Skype or video link. All present stay 2m apart. The Judge is sitting today rather than the Magistrates.

12:30 Court duty has finished after all cases have been heard. We would normally attend all day however there are less arrests at present so the Courts are sitting until the last detainee is dealt with. All Courts are going to be extremely busy when we are all back to normal.

13:00 Head home and nip via the local shop in my village to get ingredients for dinner. Homemade lasagne with hidden Veg is a winner in our house so that’s the plan with a huge salad. I prep it as soon as I am in the house, make lunch for everyone and then sit down for the afternoon.

14:30 Loads of emails to deal with. Bail cases are being adjourned so we are having to let clients know as soon as the Court writes to us. Police are also moving bail backs and trying to organise voluntary interviews for when it is safe to do so.

15:30 Billing Crown Court matters. We would normally send the file of papers to our Boston office but we are now scanning everything over from home. Received a lovely email from a grateful client today, its hard work being a legal aid solicitor but times like this it makes it worth it! I love my job

16:30 Call backs to clients, calls to the Court, update on client in prison with the virus and then quick team meeting via Microsoft Teams. We are all in Court tomorrow for our own clients and discussing when nipping in the office so we are not all there at once. Miss seeing everyone everyday. Thanks to staff members staying in the office ensuring post and banking are completed.

Computer off, Lasagne in the oven cooking and time to sit down and watch The Lion King. Our boss is on call tonight so we can chill. Kids want pancakes for breakfast but cant get plain flour anywhere locally!

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