Becky is a valued member of the Children and Domestic Abuse team and has worked at the firm for many years.

Becky looks after the Grantham team but works with families across the whole of Lincolnshire.

The team particularly specialise in all areas of family law; including public and private children law, domestic abuse in the home and child contact orders.

Becky also works closely with EDAN Lincs. EDAN Lincs is a registered charity in Lincolnshire who provide support and assistance to men, women and children suffering, or fleeing from domestic abuse.

Becky comments;

“There has been a sharp rise in Domestic Abuse calls since lockdown measures were introduced in March. We don’t discriminate on gender, race, age or ethnicity we are here to help all victims of domestic abuse.”

We want to make victims aware that support services are still available to provide support where possible and in turn we will be available to assist with necessary applications.

Issues surrounding children in care proceedings and child protection proceedings are also still active together with contact problems between separated parents.

If this is not possible directions will be made to limit the amount of attendees and where possible join.

We can help

We are continuing to advise and assist both our current clients and new clients. We are available face to face, over the telephone or by email to take your instructions and continue to assist.

Our Care and Domestic Abuse 24-hour legal helpline is available. Call or text 07739 748675 or email

How can we help?

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