The Ministry of Justice says it will announce more details on domestic abuse courts after being given £5 million.

The money allocated in the budget will fund a trial of specialist courts in England and Wales allowing criminal and family matters to be heard together.

Integrated domestic abuse courts have real potential to reduce the trauma of court and improve outcomes for victims.

More detailed proposals will be announced in due course.

Abuse is a feature in many cases. People require protection whether in the criminal courts or family courts. If the new proposals moves forward it will afford greater protection and less trauma. Domestic abuse features in so many people’s lives.

The Centre for Justice Innovation welcomed the prioritisation of domestic abuse.

It is extremely important that the response to domestic violence is coordinated and integrated across criminal, family and civil matters and that the courts ensure the victims of abuse are kept safe and given fairer access to justice  and that perpetrators are dealt with appropriately.

Domestic Violence is widespread in England and Wales. Dedicated domestic violence courts offer a better way to prosecute domestic violence perpetrators and keep victims safe.

Every case of Domestic Violence should be taken seriously and each victim given access to appropriate support should they require it.

On average in England and Wales the Police receive over 100 calls relating to domestic abuse every hour. Anybody can be a victim of abuse regardless of gender, age ethnicity, socio- economic status, sexuality or background.

For anyone who feels that they are at risk of abuse there is arrange of help and support on offer available to each individual.

Domestic Abuse and COVID-19

We are aware that domestic violence has increased since the lockdown measure were put in place last month.

We want to make all victims aware that support services are still available to provide support where possible. In turn we will be available to assist with necessary applications, helping you and your family feel safe.

Our team continue to advise and assist both our current clients and new clients. Although we cannot have face to face meetings at this time we are available over the telephone or by email to take your instructions and continue to assist.

Our Care and Domestic Abuse 24-hour legal helpline is available – call or text 07739 748675 or email




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