Lincolnshire Police reported of a 50% decrease in road traffic during lockdown.

But as lockdown is starting to ease and restrictions are being lifted on our ability to get out and about, it is inevitable more people will be on the roads, and with more people on the roads, the chance of being involved in a road traffic accident will increase also.

Lincolnshire Police started a campaign for ‘getting back on the roads’. The campaign offers advice and guidance of how to do so safely! Check out Lincolnshire Police’s advice for yourself at:-

Nobody starts their day off thinking they are going to be involved in an accident, whether you be a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist but unfortunately, they happen.

Whilst you can take all the precautions and safety measures possible, we can’t always avoid an accident because of other people’s negligence.  If you happen to find yourself in this situation though, we can help you with your recovery and claim compensation.

We can help

We hope you won’t need to, but we also don’t want you to suffer and not get the help you need, so give Ringrose Law a call on 01522 561020 to speak to a personal injury advisor for a no obligation enquiry.

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