At the onset of coronavirus restrictions the government announced a suspension of all housing possession proceedings until June 25 2020; the aim being to protect vulnerable tenants and those covered by the Protection from Eviction Act 1977.

On June 5 2020 Robert Jenrick, housing secretary, announced a further two month extension of the suspension. As it currently stands courts will not hear eviction proceedings until the end of August. The extension will provide further protection for renters and give a level of security to the most vulnerable in society.

The government has been clear that where tenants are facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic, then landlords and tenants should work together to find a solution. This could include a flexible payment plan for example and Court proceedings should be the absolute last resort.

If you are facing difficulties in paying your rent then it is important that you communicate these difficulties to your landlord. Keeping communication open between yourself and your landlord will ensure that all parties are kept fully abreast of the situation and solutions can be agreed that work for both parties.

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Should you require help with this issue we do have fixed fee advice options under which we can advise. Contact Amanda from our Dispute Resolution team for an initial chat.

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