At the peak of lockdown, the number of cars on the roads saw a similar figure to that of 1955 levels. People were simply not leaving the house and therefore, road travel reduced by up to 80%. Pollution decreased and so did accidents on the roads, particularly those ending with catastrophic injuries.

Although some drivers were caught driving at 200mph+, most individuals heard the instructions of Boris Johnson and adhered to them therefore, reducing the need to use road travel and reducing accidents. Car accidents in some areas of the UK dropped by as much as 65% in April.

However, as we begin to return to work, take children to school and drive to picturesque locations for beautiful walks, and go to the shops again, road travel is (understandably) increasing once again. This is almost certain to show an increase in Road Traffic Accidents also. If our local roads are anything to go by this weekend then traffic feels like its almost back to normal!

What then is the best way to approach the situation?

If you are unfortunately involved in a Road Traffic Accident over the next few months?

Please take a look at the main tips below:

  1. If injuries have been sustained, call the emergency services. Please do not be reluctant to seek any medical help for fear of catching the Coronavirus. Ultimately, medical staff will be very well equipped with PPE (personal protective equipment). The priority is making sure you are checked over and safe. If your injuries are not too severe, you may even be offered a remote (video/telephone) appointment.
  2. When injuries have been sustained the accident must be reported to the Police.
  3. If nobody is seriously hurt, the most important two things you should do are a) take a photo of the other vehicle’s registration number and any vehicle damage [try to take pictures of the positions of both cars] and b) write the details of the other driver (including name, address and insurer) on your mobile phone whilst maintaining a safe distance, in line with social distancing guidelines;
  4. For a full run down of what to do, please click on this link for an information sheet from Lincolnshire Police –

Having fewer people on the road is more likely to see fewer collisions but drivers could be more distracted because of less traffic and the illusion of safer roads therefore, you could be involved in an accident that is entirely not your fault. Take care, stay safe and prioritise yourself during this time.

We can help.

Our Personal Injury Team are all able to assist during this difficult time. We can offer video appointments for ease and would be more than happy to hear from you. Call 01522 561020 or email for a free consultation.

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