The Country went into lockdown with no real preparation and no real warning.

The weekend before, life was simply a normal early Spring weekend but by the following weekend, we had been thrust into a forced lockdown with no idea of how long it would last.

Journeys to work stopped overnight – with less people on the roads and less people in work. Thankfully less accidents seem to have happened over the last three months than in any period I can recall.

Now that people have learned how to work from home, a phased return to office working or even continued working from home could be on the horizon. This will surely influence the options for travel to and from work. Bike sales in Halfords rose by 500% in the early weeks of lockdown. Small, independent shops have seen around a 200% increase also. Bicycles carry their own dangers but people are choosing an option which is simpler for them and theoretically each increase in cyclist is a decrease in a motor car and the potential for an accident as a motor vehicle driver or passenger (not quite, but near enough).

It has been suggested that by December 2020 we will see a maximum 80% of pre-pandemic use of transport, without the obvious possibility of a second wave of the virus or a second lockdown.

Therefore, you are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident. Statistics of course do not include a human element so you might be involved in an accident that is not your fault and need our help.

Insurers are constantly reviewing their models and considering their structures.

With the whiplash reforms now set to be introduced in April 2021, nearly three years after the original date, insurance companies are continuing to plan for what that will look like and how they will again adapt to a new market.

A claim for a soft tissue injury to the neck or back would, under the current rules, proceed under the fast track system as long as the injury was valued at £1,000+ (this would likely be a minimum 3 month injury). However, the changes anticipated in April 2021 will move all claims with a value of £5,000.00 or less down into the small claims track. This track does not allow for a ‘no win, no fee agreement’ and the value for the exact same injury (i.e. 3 month’s suffering) would be somewhere in the region of £250.00.

We can help

If you have suffered any injury as a result of a Road Traffic Accident during this global pandemic (or indeed within the last three years), please contact a member of our team on 01522 561020.


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