National Divorce Day

I have practiced as a Family & Divorce Lawyer for over 20 years and increasingly there has been a surge in enquiries from spouses planning to divorce after the Christmas Holidays.

Many couples wait until after the festivities are over before commencing proceedings leading to the first working Monday in January, January 4th, being dubbed National Divorce Day.

It is not necessarily about arguments over under cooked turkey or over cooked brussel sprouts, but during holidays people have time to pause and reflect and perhaps analyse what they want for the rest of their lives.  The Christmas arguments can be “the straw that broke the camel’s back”. Particularly over the last 10 months where daily routines have been extremely different and pressures on people much greater. This years festive time has been mainly spent at home with family on lockdown which can add a lot of pressure on already strained relationships.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that one in seven divorces is granted as a result of adultery.  Otherwise, the most common ground is “unreasonable behaviour”.  This involves setting out four or five allegations as to what has gone wrong, for example, jealously, possessiveness, domestic abuse, financial irresponsibility.  It is not necessary to write “War and Peace” and I often tell clients it is possible to put together an unreasonable behaviour divorce petition from the happiest of marriages!  Doesn’t it irritate you when your spouse hogs the TV remote control?!

Not every break up is hostile and many couples chose to instruct our Family Mediation team.  They accept their marriage is over and want to agree amicably all the arrangements for the divorce, their children and financial settlement.  The Mediation process involves the couple meeting together with me to agree the way forward that best suits them and their family.

If you are looking at divorce or separation from your partner then please get in touch. Our team can talk you through the options to try and make the process as stress free as possible. or call 01522 561020 to find out more.

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