We are, once again in lockdown so more of us are sat at home watching TV on an evening. Crime programmes appear to be the most popular with “24 hours in police custody”, broadcast  this week on C4 (I won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t seen it yet, but its worth a watch).

For many it’s a nice, chilled first time look at what happens when someone is arrested, what the police do and how they try to prove their case.

Not for our household! The reason being that both myself and my husband, Tony Freitas, are criminal defence solicitors at Ringrose Law. We were both sat there yelling “why does she not have a solicitor?!?” Why, when faced with one of the most serous offences possible, would you go into interview without a qualified person sat next to you, explaining what is going to happen and guide you through the process . So lets look at some of the reasons people tell us they didn’t get a solicitor

I can’t afford it!

Our attendance is free, its funded by the Legal Aid Agency, there is absolutely no cost to you whether arrested or asked to attend a voluntary interview. 24 hours, 365 days a year….FREE

I didn’t do it, it will make me look guilty!

No it doesn’t. It means you will be prepared for the interview as your solicitor will get disclosure before hand. We get to know the evidence they have and you can put your side across with confidence. Anything you say, will and can be used against you in Court. Don’t forget not every person charged is guilty. Getting legal advice at the outset can prove invaluable.

It will make the process longer, I just want to get out!

Also untrue. We get told by the police when the interview will take place. We will be there for that time. Having a solicitor can, at times, make it quicker.

So taking all of the above into account – ask for a solicitor. For people that are new to it, it can seem very daunting and very intimidating.  It is your legal right, we do this every day, we have the knowledge of police practice and rules of evidence.

We at Ringrose Law, are here for you, all you need to do is ask for us.


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