In Eastenders on BBC1 recently, viewers will know that Stacey Slater has found herself in something of a spot of bother. She was arrested for assaulting the (not really) pregnant Ruby Allen by pushing her down the stairs, causing her to lose her (non existent) baby. 

Regardless of what happens to her in the coming weeks or months (no spoilers here), an arrest of that nature is a very serious event. If you find yourself being arrested for an assault of this magnitude, please do not be like Stacey- ask for legal representation from Ringrose Law at the police station!

Despite such a serious arrest, we saw her sat in a police interview without a Solicitor! She had no idea what the police would be asking her until they fired the questions at her; she had no idea there was CCTV either. She did eventually ask for a Solicitor- but not before she’d been through the entire process alone.

Having Ringrose Law involved from the beginning would have meant that we could have obtained disclosure from the police before the interview- so no surprises mid interview. She would have had independent legal advice in a stressful environment from experienced solicitors and police station advisors.

And it’s free of charge, regardless of your financial circumstances. Even soap stars would get free advice!

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If you need legal representation at the Police Station just ask for Ringrose Law. Alternatively contact our 24/7 Criminal law helplines on  01522 561 022 or  01205 314 600.

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