As we start to return to the new normal, we look at how to reduce the risks of accidents during Injury Prevention Week.

How can companies such as restaurants and shops prevent accidents at their premises?

  • Carry out regular risk assessments of the premises. In particular looking for specific hazards such as lighting, uneven flooring and steps which might cause visitors to trip
  • Consider the risks and decide whether action needs taking to make the hazard safe
  • Keep a written record of risk assessments so that these risks can be monitored
  • Allocate certain areas of a restaurant, bar or shop to each employee so every area of the premises is being monitored
  • Clean up spillages immediately and make sure you have appropriate warning signs available
  • Make any steps or lower ceilings visible by using signs and hazard tape
  • Warn visitors of hazards for example, in a restaurant if a plate is hot the employee should inform the visitor of this to avoid any burn injuries

How can you prevent being injured or involved in an accident as a visitor to a premises?

  • Take care when moving around a premises, particularly if it has been raining and the floors are more slippery than usual
  • Take notice of any warnings signs in place and more importantly abide by them
  • Report any potential hazards such as uneven floor or spilled liquids to a member of staff to prevent other visitors being involved in an accident
  • Use common sense. If a plate has just arrived to your table from the kitchen, it is likely that it will be hot or if a tiled floor looks wet, it is likely it will be slippery

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