It’s Injury Prevention Week from 2nd-6th August. This blog is highlighting the importance of road safety.

According to the Department for Transport July 2019 statistic release, there were 153,315 reports of personal injury in road traffic accidents of all severity reported to the police in Great Britain, 25,975 of serious injuries and 1,748 fatalities.

Of the fatalities, 43% were car occupants, 26% pedestrians, 19% motorcyclists, 6% cyclists, and the final 6% were from other modes of transport such as bus and coaches.

It is the responsibility of all road users to help prevent accidents and help us all stay safe.

Some top tips for pedestrians:-

  • stop, look and listen!
  • don’t cross the road between parked cars;
  • if possible, cross at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights;
  • never cross at a bend;
  • always use a footpath where you can.

Some tops tips for drivers:-

  • Stick to speed limits, especially in residential areas and look out for children;
  • Be alert when approaching junctions or zebra crossings;
  • Eliminate distractions from inside the vehicle;
  • Check blind spots before reversing
  • Ensure your vehicle is in working order, especially headlights and tyres

Got some spare time? Why not refresh yourself on road safety? There are lots of great campaigns to check out including maybe you could even take 5 to remind your loved ones too?

If you are involved in an accident, here is a helpful guide from Lincolnshire Police of what to do

We are here to help – Injury Prevention Week

If you do need any assistance with a personal injury matter whether from a road traffic accident, or any other reason, then contact us. Please call 01522 561020 or email


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