There’s just over a month left to ensure the best examples of community endeavour and voluntary contribution are championed for the difference them make to lives locally.

With two new categories for 2021, the scope for celebration and recognition of the astounding contributions made by individuals, groups and businesses to life in North Kesteven is being expanded through the NK Community Champion Awards.

In line with the emphasis placed on climate action by the District Council, schools and organisations, and the immeasurable inputs of individuals, groups and businesses in responding to Coronavirus, the two new categories reflect evolving efforts in making our communities stronger, safer and more resilient places to live.

The NK Community Champion Awards are an annual celebration, based on community nominations, of the often-unsung heroes who make a massive difference to life locally through their quiet, selfless and tireless voluntary endeavour, community spiritedness or, in the case of businesses, a particular community-focus that goes way beyond the bottom line.

The Awards

In addition to the two new awards, the 12 categories cover: young achiever, good neighbour, community business, broad community spirit, longstanding contribution to a particular group or organisation and contributions made to arts & culture, sports, health & wellbeing, a better environment and safer communities.

Ringrose Law has sponsored the award since they started and is proud once again to sponsor and support individuals across the County who have gone above and beyond in their community.

The celebration is funded by community-minded businesses who sponsor the awards and make up the panel determining the nominations put forward by grateful recipients of the nominees’ endeavours.

Enter Now

Deadline for nominations is noon on September 6. Nominations can be made at where there are further details. 

Council Leader Cllr Richard Wright said:

“If the past few months have taught us anything, it is that the worst of times truly do bring out the best in humanity.
Just as we have learned that we can only defeat the coronavirus by acting together, so too we have seen that through phenomenal personal sacrifice, compassion and selflessness, we can build up communities that are strong, resilient and responsive.”

Through these awards we seek to applaud and honour those who contribute so positively to our safe, strong, flourishing and increasingly climate-conscious communities.

It’s the volunteers who make things happen and keep our communities functioning and flourishing that were looking to celebrate. The co-ordinators of clubs, the people who inspire and initiate, the business who have a broader focus than the bottom line, those who are seeking to actively reduce their climate impact, those who’ve been protecting, providing and promoting positivity through the pandemic; in short those who we think ‘isn’t that great’, ‘isn’t that kind,’ ‘isn’t that thoughtful’ about and who we want to say ‘thank you’ to.”

In 2020 the awards went ahead in a virtual way, with livestream video presentation championing the contributions of 31 finalists.

Winners were acknowledged for dedication to sports coaching, masterminding community cohesion through Covid-Lockdowns, being literal lifesavers, co-ordinating coronavirus response and emergency planning groups and preserving the District’s heritage and protecting its biodiversity.

Further finalists were celebrated for making thousands of face shields, gallons of hand sanitiser and hundreds of home-crafted scrubs for health settings, running swimming and scouting groups for decades, picking tonnes of litter, identifying Norton Disney as the Iron Age equivalent of Scunthorpe and their general support of neighbours and strangers.

Which category is right for your nomination?

Young Achiever (sponsored by Duncan & Toplis)

A young person aged 19 or under who has shown amazing bravery or excelled in any way, perhaps under adversity, through leadership or in pioneering a community project.

Community Business (sponsored by Banks Long & Co)

A company or sole-trader whose business initiatives and outlook makes a difference to their local communities.

Community Spirit (sponsored by Lindum Group)

An individual or group who gives outstanding personal service to the community through hard work, dedication and commitment.

Coronavirus Response (sponsored by North Kesteven District Council)

An individual or group which, through distinct or collective and sustained activity, has made a significant contribution to community health & welfare over the pandemic.

Contribution to the Arts & Culture (sponsored by Lincs Inspire)

An individual or group whose actions have made a positive impact on the cultural richness of the District.

Contribution to a Better Environment (sponsored by Doddington Hall & Gardens)

An individual, group, club or business whose actions have a positive impact on the environment, locally or in a broader way.

Contribution to Climate Action (sponsored by Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant / Greencoat Capital)

An individual, group, school, club or business whose actions contribute positively towards a carbon-neutral future, reduced energy use or greater environmental resilience.

Contribution to Community Safety (sponsored by the Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire)

A group, school, club, business or individual whose actions have a positive impact on community safety locally, helping to raise awareness and reduce crime in our communities.

Contribution to Health & Wellbeing (sponsored by Branston Ltd)

An individual or group that has contributed to the wellbeing of others or made positive healthy lifestyle changes – in physical or psychological – for themselves or others.

Contribution to Sport  (sponsored by BETTER)

A group, club, business or individual whose actions have a positive impact on sports and physical activity locally.

Good Neighbour (sponsored by Ringrose Law)

Someone who has gone over and above for their neighbours; generally being someone the neighbourhood couldn’t do without.

Longstanding Contribution (sponsored by Your Local Lincs Magazine)

An individual who has contributed a huge amount of their time and effort to a single charity, club, group or organisation.

Deadline for nominations is noon on September 6. Nominations can be made at anytime, at where there are further details.


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