It has been reported ( that following a crash, Katie Price has been charged with driving whilst disqualified and driving with no insurance and then remanded into custody to appear today in Court.

So the question is what happens now?

  • she pleads not guilty to both charges and a date will be set for trial
  • she pleads guilty to one of the charges and a trial date would be set for the other matter with sentencing occurring after the trial for the guilty plea
  • She pleads guilty to both matters and is sentenced at the Magistrates Court today or the sentencing is adjourned for pre sentence reports.

If she did plead guilty her solicitor would explain the circumstances around the offences to the bench, explain to the Court about the client and then take the Court through the sentencing guidelines asking consideration to be given for an early guilty plea.

Sentencing Guidelines – Driving whilst disqualified

Category Starting point Range  
Category 2

Lower culpability

Greater harm

High level community order Medium level community order -12 weeks’ custody *Disqualify for 6 – 12 months for this offence (plus any additional periods as set out below)

Sentencing guidelines – Driving with no insurance

Offence category Starting Point Category Range  
Category 2

Lower culpability

Greater harm

Band C fine Band C fine Consider disqualification for up to 6 months OR 8 points

The sentencing guidelines assist the Magistrates with sentencing and each offence is put into a category. Having determined the category, the court should then use the corresponding starting points to reach a sentence within the category range.

There are then additional factual elements providing the context of the offence and factors relating to the offender which are considered and as a result should result in an upward or downward adjustment from the starting point.

So in this matter, going from the information provided in the press (as we are unaware of the exact circumstances), a pre sentence report would likely be ordered so that probation could assess whether any rehabilitation would be helpful and this would likely result in a high level community order or a suspended prison sentence being handed down with a possibility of unpaid work, curfew or rehabilitation activity requirement days being attached as requirements. Court costs, compensation and victim surcharge would also be payable by the Defendant. She would be further disqualified from driving.

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