Today marks day seven of 2021’s 16 days of action against Domestic Abuse. Anybody can be a victim; anybody can access help. The team at Ringrose Law are available to guide you through the process so please contact us.

Refuge expect to see an increase in Domestic Abuse this Christmas time. To many people Christmas is a time for family, festivities and fun. Other people celebrate the birth of Jesus and the joy this time brings. People living with domestic abuse do not have so much light to bring them through the darker nights. Please speak out if you or somebody you know is worried about what could happen this holiday season. And remember, ‘holidays’ for somebody could be pain and trauma for somebody else so do please stay vigilant and aware.

The highest level of domestic abuse incidents are likely to take place between New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with Christmas Day and Boxing Day closely following. What should be (and is for many) a happy day (or days) filled with love, is not always the case for another; fear and pain can be the overwhelming emotion in many households.

During the lockdowns and pandemic impact of 2020, domestic abuse increased and the winter months were no exception. We are all now a further year on with less ‘light’ in sight than we may have hoped, this time last year. This can add to the escalating numbers of families that are likely to experience domestic abuse this holiday season. Covid and Christmas can make living with abuse even harder but equally even more prominent.

Individuals who live with domestic abuse usually try to ‘get through the Christmas period’ for the sake of the children and wider family but it is not always that easy and certainly does not have to be that way, if they’re ready and able to access help and support that is available. The team at Ringrose are available for advice and assistance with orders at this time.

Tackling domestic abuse is something that can be done – if you or anyone you know experience domestic abuse (or fear you may due to ongoing abuse) this Christmastime, please contact us because we will help.

Domestic Abuse has no place in our society – especially not at Christmas, a time filled with hope, love and joy.

*Please see Refuge and Women’s Aid for further information.


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