‘Divorce Day’ also known as the first working Monday in January. Solicitors always expect a rise in calls as couples make the difficult decision to separate. While the term Divorce Day can downplay what is an incredibly complex time in people’s lives, it is true that there is an increase in couples seeking divorces in January. The New Year is synonymous with fresh starts, with people looking ahead and developing personal or professional goals, taking steps towards what they want for their future.

But why do people file for divorce so soon after the festive period ends?

  • For their children
  • To give the relationship one last chance
  • To save awkward conversations at a time that is, for many people, all about togetherness and family

The stress of the holiday period can reveal cracks in relationships or bring underlying issues in the relationships to a head.

Many couples wait until after Christmas and the New Year before initiating a separation, leading to a glut of inquiries on the first working Monday of January, dubbed Divorce Day this year will take place on Monday 10th January 2022.

One in five married couples are considering separating from their partners after staying together over the festive period. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) claims that 42 per cent of all marriages end in divorce and it is expected that over 40,500 people in the UK are expected to search online for divorce throughout January.

If you’ve bottled things up over Christmas and have been putting on a brave for the sake of your children, family or friends, then the earliest opportunity to do something about your broken relationship may well be the first day back to work.

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