Actions Against the Police

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Actions Against The Police

The police continue to protect our streets every day, but sometimes they can get it wrong. Whether it be a wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, an assault or a false conviction, if you have been mistreated by the police you may have a compensation claim and we can help.

Typical actions against the police

We regularly help people to pursue claims against the police, often people think they are unable to claim, or that it is best not to claim to avoid getting into further trouble, but you can and we can help you. Nearly all of our cases are funded on a no win, no fee basis.

The most common types of claims for actions against the police that we have dealt with include;

  • Wrongful arrest
  • Unlawful arrest and/or detained in custody (false imprisonment)
  • Assaulted of aggressive force used by the police
  • Falsely charged or convicted
  • Wrongful Arrest / False Imprisonment

The police may make an arrest without a warrant if they have sufficient evidence to believe you are guilty. However if you feel you have been wrongfully arrested, or you have spent too long in police custody or received bad treatment whilst in custody, you may have a claim.


To succeed in a claim for assault it will be necessary for you to prove that the police, in detaining you, used an unreasonable level of force. The police are entitled by law to use a reasonable degree of force appropriate to the circumstances they are in. If you believe that you have been assaulted we will work with you in putting your case together, if you have physical evidence, witness statements, medical reports this will all help in putting together a strong claim for compensation.
An Assault can also include being bitten by police dog.

What can I claim for?

Should you succeed in your actions against the police compensation claim, then you would be entitled to an award of damages to compensate for any injuries you may have sustained and compensation for the time that you were wrongfully detained in police custody.

We can help

We have a specialist team of experts who have dealt with many cases like this and understand the complexities of the case and how to get the best results. We appreciate it can often be a stressful and upsetting time for you and your family and we will work together with you to get the best possible result.

An initial telephone call to one of our lawyers will cost you nothing. We are committed to discussing with our clients all funding options, further details of which are noted on our Civil Dispute Resolution Homepage

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