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Fixed Fee Litigation Advice

Fixed Fee Litigation Advice

Many people approach us wondering whether they have a legally enforceable argument. They are aware of a set of facts but are unsure whether or not they amount to a case in law and would like to discuss this with us.

Seeking good advice at the outset of a dispute is vital. Often, you might discover that your case is stronger than you thought, or equally not worth pursuing.

It is often very difficult for us to give general litigation advice over the telephone and we are reluctant to do so unless there is an emergency situation.

We feel it is far better to meet up with our clients and to talk through face to face what the situation is and then provide some initial advice having considered documentation.

It is quite possible we will completely change our view whether or not our client has a case in law or may be able to defend a case once we have met up and asked the relevant questions.

Our Fees

We offer fixed fee litigation advice appointments. There is no time restriction on the appointment and one of our highly trained Solicitors will discuss your dispute in detail and conclude with the best way to move forward.

We will also consider alternative forms of funding with you should your case move forward.

For example it is always worthwhile checking your own business or domestic insurance policies many of which have additional cover for legal expenses.

If you have a potential claim or a potential Defence to a claim you do need to notify insurers to avoid losing indemnity because of late reporting.

Once we know enough about your case and its likelihood of success we may be prepared to enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement (this is generally known as a No Win – No Fee Agreement).

Linked to Conditional Fee Agreements is the possibility of what is know as “After the Event” Insurance where insurers might be prepared to provide a policy of insurance against the risks of you losing your case.

We can investigate the cost of the premiums for such insurance and the availability of insurance on your behalf.

Another option is a Discounted Fee Agreement whereby you agree to pay us a lower rate for the job than we would normally charge but that if we succeed we may then increase our charges to a normal rate.

Of course the intention is if we do succeed then the majority of your costs should be paid by your opponent.

We can help

To book a Fixed Fee Litigation Advice Appointment contact one of our offices in Boston, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark and Sleaford or complete our online enquiry form and someone will come back to you.

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