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What is a contract of employment?

The law requires that all Employers provide their employees with a statement of employment particulars (often referred to as a contract of employment). The Contract of Employment must be provided to employees within the first two months of their appointment. A contract of employment must contain a number of mandatory clauses. At Ringrose Law we regularly draft contractual documents which comply with the law.  Additionally, we risk assess our client’s businesses to ensure any additional clauses such as data protection, trade secrets and dealing with competitors are included where appropriate.

In addition to the initial provision of the statement of main employment particulars, the law requires that any changes to an employee’s contract of employment are notified in writing within one month. We are able to advise our clients on complying with the notification rules. In particular, we can advise clients on how essential it is that any changes are made following a proper period of consultation and notice.

A failure to provide the statement of employment particulars carries huge risks. Firstly, it can increase the compensation an employee may be awarded in certain Employment Tribunal claims.  Secondly, it can leave businesses open to significant risk in terms of dismissal of employees, confidential information and protection of client and supplier relationships.

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